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A sales department works
from 9-00 to 18-00. (Mo-Fr)
Warehouse works
from 9-00 to 17-00. (Mo-Fr)
Saturday and Sunday - closed.
 (+380 44) 406-4940, 406-4950,
(+380 50) 310-6777
 (+380 67) 223-5885, 009-3838, 009-3636

For complaints
 (044) 331-0040

Инпак Украина Киев, 08130 Петропавловская Борщаговка, ул. Белоцерковская, 3
 (044) 406-49-40

Наши лучшие товары:

бумажные полотенца


бумажные пакеты

вакуумные пакеты

пакеты и мешки для мусора

скотч упаковочный

вакуумные пакеты

туалетная бумага

стретч пленка пвх

термоусадочная пленка

ланч бокс

мешалка деревянная


тележки для склада

стакан бумажный одноразовый

бытовая химия оптом

пластиковая тара и палеты

оборудование для упаковки

одноразовая одежда

пакеты майка

полипропиленовые пакеты

фасовочные пакеты

полиэтиленовые пакеты

пластиковая одноразовая посуда


 +380 44 406-49-40
 +380 44 406-49-50
 +380 67 223-58-85
 +380 67 009-3838
 +380 67 009-3636
+380 50 310-67-77


main office:

for letters:

08130, Kiev, Kiev-Svyatoshin district, Petropavlovskaya Borschagovka, 3 Bilotserkivska str

08130, Kiev, Kiev-Svyatoshin district, Petropavlovskaya Borschagovka, 3 Bilotserkivska str

04111, Kiev, 42

 +380 44 406-49-30


Banking properties:
OTP Bank

settlement account: 26009101360330

МФО: 300528

Certificate number: 200028522

OKPO code: 25268212

Personal tax number: 252682126565

Dear clients!

A sales department works from 9-00 to 18-00. Warehouse works from 9-00 to 17-00.
Saturday and Sunday - closed.

For comforts of our clients, the ordered products can be delivered our department of logistic. Delivery for the enterprises of the public catering and industrial users is carried out the next day at the receipt of order to 16 hours.
Delivery shops of commodity, for retailing, carried out during 1-3 days, that is related to more labour intensive set of order. Agree about date of delivery a with your manager.

Minimum the delivered party is 1500 UAH.
Cost deliveries to on the Kievan area in a distance a 10 km from 'okruzhnoy' – free of charge, at delivery on more distance accords on the sum of ordering from managers.

Cost deliveries products for retails taken into account in a vacation price.

Postal-luggage dispatch of loads is carried out on the rates of transport-dispatch companies-partners.

Possible delivery in days off and in a night-time.

Self-outbound is produced from warehouse of company.

phone or e-mail
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